Contemporary culture and civilisation increasingly recognize and support the important role of education, the necessity to optimise the training and constant growth of the professional prestige of the teaching professionals, the quality of the teacher training programs, which depend not only on the speciality’s in-depth knowledge, but also on the psycho-pedagogical training.

Our goal is to produce, offer and distribute the newest research results, capacities, and abilities in the educational domain, which are closest to the national and international requirements, for the education sciences, school psychology, curriculum, instruction and evaluation theory and methodology, in order to directly contribute to the modernising of the Romanian educational system.

The strategic objectives of the Department for the Training of Didactic Personnel (DTDP) aim mainly at:

  • Ensuring the quality of the initial and continuous psycho-pedagogical training of the future teachers,
  • Training and developing the competencies necessary for utilising, to a greater degree, methods, techniques, and procedures of instruction in the teaching and educational activities, within all educational institutions, including the universities,
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary and interdomain initiatives, by strengthening the collaborations with the teaching personnel from all faculties, through various social and cultural activities, such as didactic and educational extensions within various educational institutions, both at local and county levels,
  • Extending the preoccupation for psycho-educational counselling,
  • Collaborating on an international level, through the accessing of various European projects,
  • Increasing the scientific research efforts, developed within the department, by publishing specialised materials, ranging from books to academic papers,
  • Optimising the partnership systems with other educational, social, and cultural institutions, at local, national, and international levels.

The activity of the Department for the Training of Didactic Personnel corresponds to the desire of young students to become highly trained teachers, both in the area of their expertise, as well as in psycho-pedagogical training.

The activity of the DTDP is based on Law no. 1/2011 – the Law of National Education and Order 3850/May 2nd 2017, published in the Oficial Monitor no. 361/May 16th 2017, which delimitates the core methodology of the psycho-pedagogical programme, for certifying the competencies for the teaching profession.

The DTDP, as part of the University of Oradea, has the opportunity to fulfil its strategic objectives and mission, in optimal conditions, because it has access to significant material and financial resources, qualified administrative personnel and, most importantly, teaching personnel highly trained professionally, scientifically, and culturally, who enjoy national and international prestige.

As the director of the DTDP, but also in the name of the entire personnel, I extend a heartfelt invitation to all young students, to enrol in the Psycho-pedagogical training program, and to follow our courses, for level I and level II. We pledge ourselves to offer high quality activities, psycho-pedagogical counselling activities, mentoring, as well as close guidance, supported by efficient didactic and instructional procedures.


DTDP Director,

Florica Ortan (PhD)